09 March 2007


keeping on the subject of toys, here's a rare peek into a small part of my "art" collection. a select few of my favorites:

simple and understated. one of the first additions to my collection.

made out of paper by artist shin tanaka. rare and extremely hard to find. love the nikes. click here.

mr. shoe nike collaboration by renowned artist michael lau. click here.

one of artist brendan monroe's "sours". click here.

neth creatures. click here.

speaker series by artist jason siu. click here.

new wave dave. part of the "punk is not dead" series by artist james jarvis. click here.

glass figure hand-blown just for me by artist izik levy (thanks to margaux... a truly original gift). click here.

nike miniatures. saw some at a store on sawtelle and had to have them. unfortunately they weren't for sale so i had to seek them out myself on the internet.

this guy was actually on top of a bottle of soda (he was part of the cap) that i got in japan.

billy bronze by san francisco artist sam flores. part of the get small san francisco set. click here.

a few others...

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poppy said...

i love them. i want more. how was ridiculous-lee expensive fish?