30 January 2008

29 January 2008

jonathan davies.

on the outside - different words with corresponding colors, like the word glorious in a goldenrod color.
on the inside - a calender that gives you a color representation of each month, and it’s approximate temperature.

this was done by jonathan davies, a desinger and illustrator, to help promote himself in 2008.

click here.

28 January 2008


my new favorite restaurant. simply wonderful. visit www.justoneplate.com for more info.

25 January 2008

paolo pellegrin.

just a couple pics i found from magnum photographer paolo pellegrin. really like these...

23 January 2008

21 January 2008

20 January 2008

hollywood & highland.

some random pictures while wandering around hollywood & highland...

15 January 2008

14 January 2008

can you read this?

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via swissmiss.

02 January 2008