27 December 2006

tiny monkeys.

you've got to be kidding me. seriously?

because i'm still in the x'mas spirit.

from india:

be merry.


21 December 2006

holy ship.

x'mas book packing at amazon uk:

20 December 2006

so nice.

some really amazing and beautiful wall paintings. check out more, HERE.

hold everything.

a simple, stylish way to hold all your stuff. apparently, this bookcase has been inspired by the way laundry is dried in china: on horizontal sticks hanging from the window (via style-files).

for more info, click HERE.

where are you now?

...i know where i am, and it's definitely not on one of these. that's too bad for me. and probably for you, too.

if you're interested in one of these sundecks, click HERE for more info.

18 December 2006

i see you.


i think moss may be my most favoritist store in new york. shopping online just isn't the same as being in the store, but, nonetheless, it's fun to see what new things they have. here are a few items (under $100) that i thought were super fantastique.

hand crocheted terrorism finger puppets! the perfect stocking stuffer! play with osama, saddam, kim jong il, bushy and ahmadinejad!

wood with green buttons. word.

above and below, these are new york city story matchbooks. don't play with these.

16 December 2006


darren aka dr. romanelli has been killin' it for the past couple years. it's been amazing to watch him evolve. his collaborations with everyone in the underground street fashion world have been insane and every time i check up on him, there's someone new he's working with, something ridiculous he's working on...and now he's riding on private jets with john jay and kanye west. freakin' crazy!! (darren's on the left in the hat).

his latest: reconstruct Jordan jackets for his first ever NYC line...drops Friday the 15th at downtown sneaker boutique RECON.

you can peep all his stuff and learn about his work at www.drromanelli.com...if you're in the west hollywood area, you can stop by his gallery, 181 martel (www.181martel.com)...

11 spring st.

check out some of the cool graffiti artwork inside 11 spring st. in nyc:

14 December 2006

elf yourself!

go to www.elfyourself.com and become a dancing elf! it's insane! it's crazy! it's nutty!

13 December 2006

get lit.

these will run you at about $450 a pop, but it's worth it if you want your pool all lit up lookin' crazy sexy cool.

listen up.

here are the true ear rings. don't know where to buy 'em, actually i do but at the current moment i can't think of where it is. but you don't really want one, do you?

sleep tight.

i think i posted about this before but i found some new pics so i wanted to post again. this is the human sleeping bag and i think we all should own one. stay warm, look cool, sleep well. awesome.

10 December 2006

vroom vroom.

if we could all be so cool.

08 December 2006

nice tees.

say cheese.

the quikpod, a new way to take pictures of yourself. really? click HERE.

07 December 2006

don't be scared.

how cool are the scared little people? so cool.


the little jaguar's scaaaaaaared.

06 December 2006

tasty little treats for grandma.

from japan -- sweet cake shaped like little old men. thanks, neil...

04 December 2006

hello world.

parker is certainly deserving of a post. after 6 grueling, intense, nerve-wracking, gut-wrenching days at q-school, he's now a proud member of the pga tour. parker and i have been friends for a long time and i still remember the first day we went golfing together. i was 14 and he was 13 and i couldn't believe how far and straight he hit the ball. i was literally in awe. you kind of had a feeling that he had a special talent, a "knack" for the game. all those days and nights spent at the golf course, all those putting contests in the dark, all those late nights talking about playing on tour...the dream has finally come true (for me too). congratulations. so proud.

is there more of this in my future?

baby pong.

ping pong babies rule. the strollers rule, too.