31 October 2007

29 October 2007


hybrid creature toys by artist sang won sung. bizarre.

25 October 2007

bench toilet.

a toilet with a sliding cover to create a bench, providing a vanity seat and storage unite. how much you say? try over $11,000.

21 October 2007


saturday fun in corona del mar.

18 October 2007

save paper.

"To make people realize that saving the planet starts with them saving paper, we took a standard paper dispenser and made a simple modification with green foil and the silhouette of South America. This allowed us to prove that the survival of the forest is directly connected to what people consume."

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Simon Wooller
Art Directors / Copywriters: Cliff Kagawa Holm, Silas Jansson

16 October 2007

for the birds.

put these on and you might find yourself with a little company.

11 October 2007

nice mix.

i've posted about the sartorialist before. it's worth mentioning again. for me, seeing great photography and great style/fashion is inspiring. the pictures below are of random people on the streets of paris. if you browse the site, you'll find pictures from new york and milan as well.

10 October 2007

09 October 2007


i don't know where you buy these orange pillow/beanbag thingy's, but don't they look comfortable?


for the kid(s). or the kid in you.

made from polypropylene.
tested lead and food safe.
insulates food and beverage.
small handles for small hands.
saves hundreds of bags over the course of a year.
unzip to a placemat (stores flat).

click here.


08 October 2007


heat-sensitive wallpaper. radiator on = flowers bloom.

04 October 2007


"availabot" is a customized model that plugs into your USB port so that whenever a particular friend logs into your instant messaging client, it springs to life. when they go offline, it collapses.