30 July 2007


i mentioned in a previous post about my affinity for everything daft punk. (i actually went to see them at the la sports arena last week. pretty awesome). the robot helmets that they wear are probably the coolest things. ever. what price would you have to pay to have your very own? try $64,000. and that's only if daft punk will give you the rights. assuming they do, you can have them made to order. so what's the lottery at now?


street art from barcelona.

26 July 2007

better view.

better view is a roll-up black-out curtain by finnish designer elina aalto of fiasko design. the perforated city views currently available are shinjuku, tokyo, and kallio, helsinki. each piece is custom made by hand.

click here.

heart on sleeve pillow.

25 July 2007

what time is it?

this might have to be added to the collection:

what makes it cool? well, instead of a traditional clock face, the Zihotch resembles a shrunken version of a rotary dial telephone. just dial 117 and the current time is announced through a speaker in the center of the dial. ring up a wrong number, however, and a frighteningly familiar voice from phone calls past drones "we are sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service. please check and call again...." apparently there are other messages should you dial different numbers. you can also program it for wake up calls. and, if you dial 107, you can hear a japanese train call (if you're ever in japan, the sounds and voices from train stations are uniquely cool).

you can buy the watches in japan. or you can get them here for about $52.

24 July 2007

park planters.

"Drawing inspiration from the bonsai, park planters were created to elevate the common household plant to the status of full grown tree. The potted plant becomes the backdrop for an urban park scene. Ranging from dog walkers to flashers and muggers, no two scenes are alike ensuring the autonomy of each piece."

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23 July 2007

phony atm receipt.

"a company called Custom Receipts sells phony ATM receipts so you can trick people into thinking you have a lot of money in the bank. a one-year supply (52 receipts) costs $15. creepy." via boingboing.

...by the way, my favorite part? this, from the customreceipts website:

"trying to impress that hotty at the bar? money talks. hand out your number on the back of one of our fake ATM receipts. they’re a players dream come true."


what floor?

the use of fingers communicate which floor you are walking up to.

19 July 2007

beer bots.

the world's greatest invention? introducing the beer pouring robot from japanese beer company asahi. the robot can hold and chill a six pack and 2 mugs. with the push of a button, the robot retrieves a can, opens it and proceeds to pour you a perfect glass -- all while speaking to you and updating you on its progress. you can purchase your own robot for $799.

17 July 2007


blackle is the new energy saving google. "blackle.com - saving energy one search at a time." for more info, click here.


click here for more info.

16 July 2007

10 July 2007

summer fun.

a wonderful sunday afternoon. poolside. family and friends. amazing food. good times. congratulations, shoko.

a few selects:

06 July 2007

lung ashtray.

feel good about smoking while using this lung ashtray!

pic of the day.

03 July 2007


check out the latest ad campaign for toto, japanese maker of the world's finest toilets. click here.

toilet art.

appearing at the glastonbury music festival...stonehenge replica made from stacked port-a-potties by banksy. graffiti done by the masses.

poo for peace. brilliant.


wall art seen on the streets of paris.

g-shock ring.

"For the 25th Anniversary of Casio G-Shock, a special ring in the design of the iconic DW-5600 was created by silver makers Black Boots. The ring also features a chain that enables it to function as a pendant as well. Encapsulated in a special wooden box, this will go on sale at the end of the month."

via hypebeast.