31 October 2006

fun shirts.

just because.


these guys are called shikito and are part of superdeux's b*shit line of toys.

eat it up.

if you spill something on your shirt, put this little guy next to it. it's art!

textured porcelain.

porcelain made to look like textured fabrics.

26 October 2006

i've gotta hand it to you.

yet another hook for your wall, a place to put your keys...

25 October 2006

24 October 2006

should you choose to accept it...

assignment #9: draw a constellation from someone's freckles.

learning to love you more is a website created by artists miranda july and harrell fletcher. they give assignments and the public submits responses. it's a very cool and interesting idea. check out the site to see all the assignments and responses for yourself. click HERE.

23 October 2006

contain yourself.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to someone special in my life. I met her a couple of days ago and she's brilliant. She's organized, smart, clean and immensely helpful. Her name? Please give a warm welcome to...The Container Store.
Ok, so I know some of you have already met her. But, she's new to me. And I love her. I found her at the Century City mall, and the moment she welcomed me into her arms, I was in love. It's too difficult to accurately explain what makes her so great. You'll just have to go and find out for yourself. And I can't guarantee it will be love at first sight for you -- but, it's worth a shot. I'm actually thinking about going to work for her. Considering that she's ranked #6 in Fortune's Top 100 companies to work for, I figure it could be a match made in heaven. And what could be better than getting a 40% employee discount?

20 October 2006

check me out.

paper drums.

how cool would this be to display?


browse creative people's workspaces...click, HERE.


19 October 2006


wall mounted hook called "here"...as in, put your jacket "here"...or, why don't you hang that "here"...or, let's put that coat over "here"...

17 October 2006

toy car grand prix.

these are just a sampling of some of the one-of-a-kind designer toy cars that will be auctioned off by fitzsu (on melrose). each car was designed by a top notch artist -- for more info, visit fitzsu.com.

14 October 2006

lily allen.

went to see lily allen at the troubadour tonight. if you haven't heard of her, you will soon. she's from england (where she's huge) and her album comes out here soon... me and margaux met neil and kimmie at the show. we stood up in the vip area (because we're cool like that) and watched lily perform. she was definitely good, but she lacked stage presence. it was a much hyped show and it was packed, but being upstairs helped because it wasn't as crowded. the best part of the night was after the show when everyone came up to the vip area. that's where we got to rub shoulders (literally because it's such a small area) with the celebs. below, a list of the shoulders we touched...

the star of the show, miss lily allen.

gwen and gavin. margaux touched her shoulder. i stared. she's tall and possibly pregnant due to her unusually large chestal region. is chestal even a word? she also drank water while everyone else had alcohol.

orlando bloom. or "legolas" as i like to call him. he chatted up gwen and gavin, flirted with lily and then bounced.

tony kanal and his girlfriend. gwen and gavin are so much cooler.

sean lennon. we're practically related. we gave each other the half-asian nod.

geoffrey rush. he was surrounded by high school looking girls. definitely still a player for an old dude.

margaux swears she saw david chokachi (from baywatch). i couldn't tell if it was him. who really cares anyway?

13 October 2006

the wheels on the bus...

the motion of the wheel recreates shutter action. coooool.


speakers for your home.

10 October 2006

little russian.

this little guy comes all the way from russia. check out the spikes on his arm. and the teardrop head. sweet.

so true.

so true.

so true.

elliott on elliott.

margaux's "first" self-portrait taken at the disney concert hall for her photography class. definitely worthy of a post.

09 October 2006


subtle graffiti, uniquely effective.


check out this little guy:

06 October 2006

little joseph.

here is little joseph the candle holder:


sorry for the lack of updates. been incredibly busy. below, a couple of art pieces i thought were pretty cool...


wire image.

03 October 2006


photobooth at the santa cruz boardwalk, 9.24.06.

mmmm. cake. pane e vino.

24 & 28.

outside chaya, with chocolate croissant bread pudding still lingering in our bellies. delicious.