19 March 2007


came across an article about a sandwich shop in new york called swich. if you click on the above 2 links, you'll know why i'm writing about it. good sandwiches are hard to find and for someone like myself who loves sandwiches, swich sounds like an ideal place to eat. if only we had one here in LA. you can view their menu on their site, but i've listed a few that sound delicious below...

Sidney - Smoked country ham, dijon mustard, white cheddar, and crisp granny smith apple on 7-grain
Thanksgiving Every Day - Turkey and our homemade stuffing, on cranberry walnut bread
Karate Chicken - Roast chicken with sliced almonds, crunchy wontons and plum sauce dressing on French bread
Memphis - Peanut butter and sliced bananas, drizzled with honey on golden raisin semolina

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