31 May 2006

all lit up.

i didn't realize it, but on the same page as the apple nyc panorama, you can actually use the pull down menu on the top right to view a whole bunch of other panoramas. the one of japan at night is AMAZING.

click HERE.

apple nyc

cool panorama:

apple store, 5th avenue

30 May 2006

the world cup

i don't really know why exactly, but i'm very excited about the world cup. it starts in 12 days and i can't wait to watch it. i've been doing some internet research and i'm amazed at the world cup craze that's taking over the design/fashion world. check out these soccer balls (there's one for every country participating)...really really cool:

check all 32 out here


check out:


"In a world of stress, hard work, sandwiches at the desk instead of lunch hours, telephones with 128-page user manuals, remote controls stacking up by the dozen (so it's even easier to lose them), and technology generally going mad - we all need a space to chill out.

We've made a radio station that doesn't sound like other radio stations. There's nobody telling you how great the music is. There are no traffic and travel reports to remind you how bad the traffic and travel are. There's no bad news. In fact, there are no presenters at all, so there's more space for tunes. We're using that space to play lots of different kinds of music that we find relaxing, uplifting and fun.

We used to make compilation tapes for ourselves and friends to chill out to, because there was never anything we liked on the radio for this. That's where the idea for our station came from, and we make it the same way we made the tapes - listening to lots of music, swapping ideas, seeing what happens when it's all mixed together.

We like to lie back, set the mobile phone to "silent" and listen to music like Morcheeba, Air, Moby, Sigur Ros, Beth Orton, Goldfrapp, Emiliana Torrini, 4Hero, Bebel Gilberto, Massive Attack, Aqualung, Damien Rice or Jack Johnson.

Sometimes we'll get some fruit smoothies or huge frozen sugary coffee drinks in for a treat and chill with our favourite new artists like Corinne Bailey Rae, Barefoot, Stephen Fretwell, Pete Murray, Polly Paulusma and Dusted.

Best of all we'll get our friends round for a laugh and play them some amazingly cool covers or mixes of songs we've found like "Born Slippy", "Lazy" or "Happy People"."

i want to play

funny window display (in hong kong) to encourage people to come in and try the new xbox.

info: nitrolicious

28 May 2006

i love the swiss

on a recent overnight trip to the bay club in newport, i discovered a magical treat called "toblerone." you've probably seen the packaging -- i've definitely seen it many times. but i had never tried it before. well, the angelic maids of the bay club delivered a box of toblerone on my pillow. i opened the package, unwrapped the foil and took a small bite. my mouth had never encountered such happiness and delight. the chocolate slowly melted until i was left with a few small nuggets of honey. this, i discovered, was the best part. such wonderful texture, so wonderfully sweet.

you can pick some up at your local trader joe's. do it. now.

26 May 2006

some goodies.

aside from a minor obsession with robots, i like to obsess over other things, too. watches? sure. shoes? definitely. gadgets? yup. too many more to list? you bet. a couple of cool things below:

watches by nooka.

a bluetooth watch - it connects to your phone and alerts you to new messages, missed calls, etc.

from the latest vans vault series.

25 May 2006


some nice photo-graffy.


pecha kucha

what is pecha kucha night?

in short, it's a way of giving designers a place to meet and share ideas. as Jean Snow writes, "The genius in all this (is) the format: Each presenter gets to show 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds. The Tokyo edition now draws a packed crowd...and has even given birth to international editions, with a growing number of cities joining in. The best thing about Pecha Kucha is in the variety of works you’re likely to see...It’s one of the most creative shindigs you’re likely to catch, and you should definitely take in if you happen to be in town."

the link below will explain more:



ok, so i've been on this japan kick ever since my trip a couple months back. i've been reading all kinds of blogs by foreigners who live there, about their experiences, etc. it's pretty amazing and i've found myself completely engrossed in their stories/daily lives. a few to check out:

(lots of great photography if you search for it)
(written by a canadian woman who married a japanese man, her blog is mainly about the food she cooks)
(a guide to design and pop culture in tokyo)

also, keeping on my japan kick...i've always been fascinated by the stores and cafes in japan, specifically the way they are designed. it's part of what makes tokyo so cool. here are some pictures of the BAPE store in Aoyama (the guy who designed the store, Masamichi Katayama, has a website called Wonderwall which showcases many of his amazing designs www.wonder-wall.com).

and here's an exterior of the Dior store in Ginza -- it lights up at night. when we were driving in a taxi to go to dinner, this was one of the buildings that stood out.

anyway, the number of cool buildings/stores/restaurants are endless. can't wait to go back in august to continue exploring...

23 May 2006


from the top: Nige, Lieutenant Les, New Wave Dave and Ferg.

these guys are part of the james jarvis "punk is not dead" series. new wave dave was one of my first toy purchases. he's pretty incredible. i mean, just look at him. maybe i'll be new wave dave for halloween.

22 May 2006

the coolest vending machine

In a fully automated procedure, your new car is brought down to you from one of the 20-story Car Towers. Large signboards in the Customer Center show you when your turn has come. Then, you’re handed the keys, your picture is taken, the glass doors open and your brand-new car appears. You’re all set to go.

Info: Cool Hunter

i really do

a free lunch to anyone who finds me this button.

city in a bag

i discovered MUJI while I was japan a few months ago. actually, i kind of already knew about it because i had some MUJI stationary already -- you can find some MUJI products at MOMA. but...i really took notice when i was at the actual MUJI store in tokyo. their stuff is incredibly simple, beautifully designed and packaged and extremely affordable. you can buy everything from pens, bedding, jackets, shoes, snacks, notebooks, lights, speakers, clocks, chairs...i wanted to buy one of everything when i was there. check out their "cities in a bag" -- see below:

you can get tokyo, paris, london or new york. i want tokyo and new york to put on my desk. you can read more about MUJI here:


or visit their online store (though it's a bit hard to navigate):


21 May 2006

the future is super

if you're traveling to the likes of
tokyo, amsterdam, new york, sydney, san francisco, paris, london or shanghai, you need to make a visit to superfuture.com.
even if you're not traveling, it's just fun to explore.
at the very least, it will make you want to travel.
for all the coolest eats, shops and galleries, superfuture wll guide you there.


19 May 2006


how dope are these? i saw them last night at the opening of munky king on melrose. i want one. ok, i want 2. hell, i'll take all 4.

18 May 2006

my toys need a home

ok, for those who don't know, i've become pretty obsessed with designer toys. i started out collecting little toy robots and it slowly evolved into this mad obsession for toys designed by underground artists. what i tend to love about these toys and figures and objects is the simplicity of them and the utter coolness of them. i look at them as art -- and the fact that the bulk of them are created and designed by actual artists makes them that more appealing.

cool toy websites:


one day maybe i'll be able to put my toys in something like this:

choe choe

the artwork of david choe.
amazing. peep it.


17 May 2006

no pattern

no pattern is chuck anderson's website.
i like his style. check it out.



check out "butterfly":


16 May 2006

welcome to the projects

i always have a lot of projects.
sometimes they're just in my head.
other times i'm actually doing something.
i want this to be a place where i can keep track of my ideas/thoughts/inspirations/films/pictures/designs/art.
this is my project room.