28 July 2006


made entirely of styrofoam cups. so next time you're about to throw out your styrofoam cup, just think of the artistic possibilities. it's art, not trash!

27 July 2006

scarlett hearts you.

apparently, Scarlett Johannson has just signed a major endorsement
deal with Reebok. she will design retro-inspired clothing and footwear called Scarlett “Hearts” Rbk. couldn't she have signed with Puma or Nike? that would've been much cooler.

26 July 2006

i'd live here #1

if i could, i'd post all the cool houses/buildings/apartments/lofts that i find. but i've been too lazy. i stumbled upon this cool pad in brooklyn though (i love the 3 stories):


ever heard of moom? me neither. up until 5 minutes ago. thanks for the link, dad. moom stands for Museum of Online Museums. if you click HERE and go to the "galleries, exhibitions and shows" section, you'll find an array of bizarre sites dedicated to, well, bizarre things. a sampling:

how about a collection of manhole covers of the world? http://www.danheller.com/manholes.html

or how about the world's largest dice collection? http://www.dicecollector.com/

or visit the movie titles page where someone has compiled screen shots of thousands of movie titles. http://www.shillpages.com/movies/dd.shtml

good times.

24 July 2006


via Josh Spear:

"The addition of visualizers to search engines is quickly gaining popularity. This one is pretty cool, it’s called Amaztype. It’s made by Keita Kitamura and Yugo Nakamura and allows you to search amazon.com for any media by title or author–and it creates an array of book covers you can rollover for more info. It even piles all the books up to create the word or phrase you were searching for. Hence, I was searching for Design. Nice little tool, and very well executed."

try it HERE.

21 July 2006

tokyo hotels part 2.

below are a few pictures from the Conrad Tokyo:

the stylish bar, Twenty Eight.

the spa. can i transport myself there now?

the pool. swimming never looked so appealing.

the wedding chapel. looks pretty cool to me.

the variety of hotels in tokyo seem pretty endless. in 2007, the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and the Peninsula Tokyo will open. how much money will i have to make to have any hope of ever staying in one of these places? ...for now, i can at least make a visit, maybe have a drink, have some dinner, enjoy the views. or i can continue to just simply admire the pictures.

tokyo hotels part 1.

so i'm starting to get excited about going to japan again. we leave in about a month and will be there for around 10 days. i was going through some of my favorite japan blogs and found some cool stuff about hotels in tokyo. ever since "lost in translation," it seems like everybody, including myself, has wanted to visit that hotel (park hyatt). it reeks of cool and the dramatic cityscape view from the bar looks awesome. well, not surprisingly, there are a lot of hotels in tokyo that look pretty amazing. here's one of them:

this is the lobby at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. it's been voted the best in the world. apparently you are taken in through a private entrance and sped up 38 floors by a private elevator into the lobby. a spectacular panorama of Tokyo city awaits. can anyone say, dramatic first impression?

one of the suites.

the pool.

by the way, on a completely random note, i read about a drink that's served at a cafe in tokyo. it's called the "iced smile" -- milk poured over crushed ice cubes made out of coffee. i'm not a big coffee or milk drinker, but this sounded really good.

19 July 2006

bunny yawns

is there really a site dedicated to yawning bunnies? crazy. and brilliant.

to see more, click HERE.

new toys

Etch & Sketch. How could you not want these little guys?

17 July 2006

i'd like a bar of fart, please.

some of my favorite foods:

for more rude food, click HERE.

16 July 2006

dew you want some?

the perfect treat for a hot summer's day. mmmmmmmmmm...

14 July 2006

call me.

wouldn't people be happier if all public phones looked like this?


if you haven't heard of banksy, learn more about him HERE and HERE.

13 July 2006


the best game ever?

thanks to the 2 jason's for the link...

click HERE!

12 July 2006

brooklyn bunny.

for shoko:
a bunny webcam. what could be better?
check out the site HERE.


these "urban" gnomes made of bone china are pretty sweet. now all i need is a sweet garden.

10 July 2006


Check out this piece made from 150,000 boxes of push pins. Here's the story:

“If you were looking for a box of those clear push pins on the West Coast around June 5, you now know why Staples was fresh out. 12, a dozen creatives who form an experimental school at Wieden+Kennedy, had purchased them all — 150,000 of them.

351 hours later, 12 had applied the push pins to a 13’6” x 10’6” wall at W+K HQ in Portland, with a message that was inspired by a true story from the legendary Jelly Helm, 12’s creative director:

When Helm was promoted to co-creative director of W+K’s Amsterdam office in 1996, Dan Wieden’s only directive was, “You’re only good to me after you’ve made three tremendous mistakes.”

Hence, their advice to every creative: Fail Harder.”

09 July 2006


i've been trying endlessly the last few days to buy a Zidane jersey on ebay. i've fallen for his style and grace on the field. he really is amazing to watch. i almost got a jersey before france beat portugal. the prices were decent. but i hesitated and waited. after the game, the Zidane jerseys skyrocketed. so i held off. before today's final, i was again scouring ebay for a good deal. but, the prices were still too high. i really wanted the white jersey and for some reason that was the hardest one to find in a large. and you learn that there are so many types of jerseys -- some are authentic, some have the world cup patch on the sleeve, some are adidas, some are copycats...anyway, after the game today i started to reconsider -- do i really want a Zidane jersey now? what the hell happened out there? i thought he was supposed to be one of the classiest guys out there...? i guess we won't know what provoked him until he speaks out. it was certainly sad to see him end his career that way. maybe he won't retire now. maybe he'll realize that he can't go out like that. what a shame. well...maybe prices for his jersey will go down now. i'll mull it over.

05 July 2006

the holiday weekend.