21 July 2006

tokyo hotels part 1.

so i'm starting to get excited about going to japan again. we leave in about a month and will be there for around 10 days. i was going through some of my favorite japan blogs and found some cool stuff about hotels in tokyo. ever since "lost in translation," it seems like everybody, including myself, has wanted to visit that hotel (park hyatt). it reeks of cool and the dramatic cityscape view from the bar looks awesome. well, not surprisingly, there are a lot of hotels in tokyo that look pretty amazing. here's one of them:

this is the lobby at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. it's been voted the best in the world. apparently you are taken in through a private entrance and sped up 38 floors by a private elevator into the lobby. a spectacular panorama of Tokyo city awaits. can anyone say, dramatic first impression?

one of the suites.

the pool.

by the way, on a completely random note, i read about a drink that's served at a cafe in tokyo. it's called the "iced smile" -- milk poured over crushed ice cubes made out of coffee. i'm not a big coffee or milk drinker, but this sounded really good.

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Will you please pack me in your suitcase? pleeeaaaaassee?