09 July 2006


i've been trying endlessly the last few days to buy a Zidane jersey on ebay. i've fallen for his style and grace on the field. he really is amazing to watch. i almost got a jersey before france beat portugal. the prices were decent. but i hesitated and waited. after the game, the Zidane jerseys skyrocketed. so i held off. before today's final, i was again scouring ebay for a good deal. but, the prices were still too high. i really wanted the white jersey and for some reason that was the hardest one to find in a large. and you learn that there are so many types of jerseys -- some are authentic, some have the world cup patch on the sleeve, some are adidas, some are copycats...anyway, after the game today i started to reconsider -- do i really want a Zidane jersey now? what the hell happened out there? i thought he was supposed to be one of the classiest guys out there...? i guess we won't know what provoked him until he speaks out. it was certainly sad to see him end his career that way. maybe he won't retire now. maybe he'll realize that he can't go out like that. what a shame. well...maybe prices for his jersey will go down now. i'll mull it over.

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waltwang said...

you're wise to mull.
i like that word, "mull."
go ahead.
maybe the italian called
him a dick and it hurt his
feelings. maybe his head
got away from him and
butted the guy all by itself.
i'm mulling, too.
bye for now,