21 July 2006

tokyo hotels part 2.

below are a few pictures from the Conrad Tokyo:

the stylish bar, Twenty Eight.

the spa. can i transport myself there now?

the pool. swimming never looked so appealing.

the wedding chapel. looks pretty cool to me.

the variety of hotels in tokyo seem pretty endless. in 2007, the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and the Peninsula Tokyo will open. how much money will i have to make to have any hope of ever staying in one of these places? ...for now, i can at least make a visit, maybe have a drink, have some dinner, enjoy the views. or i can continue to just simply admire the pictures.

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Trent said...

Hey Max!

Looking forward to the trip next week! Found a cool site you might want to check out - lots of shopping tips, cool hotels, etc...

Enjoy. See you Tuesday -