22 May 2007


weather: sunny and warm.
jet lag: yes.
average time waking up: 5.
average time getting up: 7.
places seen thus far: ogikubo, harajuku, shibuya.
places yet to see: ghibli museum, shinjuku, aoyama, ginza, roppongi.
food: incredible.
transportation: bus, train, taxi, foot.
sore: quite. especially with camera hanging around neck.
shopping: 3 words - a. maze. ing.
thinking about: getting a mohawk.
love: the new uniqlo t-shirt shop where shirts come in cool canisters.
super fantastic: japanese television.
cool: side streets and little pockets where you stumble upon restaurants and shops.
even cooler: still have 4 days left to explore.

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poppy said...

poppy sez,
check the latest (4th) entry on your previous entry.
i tried to convince him, but...