16 May 2007


yep, it finally happened. i have my own doll. bobblehead doll that is. imagine my surprise when i got myself as a gift. details, from my favorite t-shirt, to the ring i wear on my right hand, to the bracelets, the watch, the chuck taylor's...crazy. i've always told people that margaux is the best gift giver i've ever met. i think she now deserves a nomination into the hall of fame.


Food Marathon said...

There's been some special people in this world: Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the guy that invented Doritos. I've never had the pleasure of knowing any of these people, which is why I'm grateful to know Margaux.

Margaux said...

ahhhh thanks, that's so nice. but honestly, i don't even come close to the guy who invented doritos.

Margaux said...
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poppy said...

yay magical. i want my doll, too.
you rule. you, too, 2themaxwell. love,

Anonymous said...

Your dad showed me the Max Doll. I want one. Well, not the "you" doll, but the designers name...please!

Dave Ciano


Anonymous said...

Wow...A little MDUB of his own!

Mike P