20 May 2007

good morning.

it's 7am here in japan. which means it's 3pm in los angeles. i've actually been up since 4:30, but i stayed in bed until 6:30, dozing in and out of sleep.

it was a long travel day yesterday. the flight was delayed over an hour. After 11 hours in the air, an hour and a half on the bus and an additional 20 minutes in a taxi, we finally made it home. neil, who was kind enough to take us to the airport, dropped us off at around noon. what's crazy is that we were still in the air when he was probably fast asleep at 2 in the morning. that's a long day. i think by the time we fell asleep last night, it was actually 7am los angeles time. kinda makes you feel like you pulled an all-nighter in vegas.

by the way, just have to add that the international terminal at lax is ghetto. at least the part we were in. it's old, pieces of walls are missing, carpets are gross, cautionary tape is plastered on doorways. i think it's time for a makeover.

so, as i sit here, my mom and margaux are still asleep upstairs. it's so rare when i'm the first one up. it's quiet - kind of strange that my dad and sister aren't here with us.

by the way, on the bus into tokyo last night, i couldn't help but wonder what it all must look/smell/feel like for margaux. this is her first time here and getting into another part of the world at night is difficult because it's so hard to grasp where you are and what you're looking at. plus, i know she was completely exhausted, so i'm sure not a whole lot made sense to her. but, starting today, she'll get her first real look at japan. i know she's excited. so am i.

last thing: i left a message for parker while we were sitting at lax yesterday. aside from saying hi, i told him i was thinking of a number he should shoot in the final round. i told him i was thinking 66. i just checked, and he shot 66. crazy. i'd like to think i had something to do with it. but, i doubt it. way to go, parks.


poppy said...

the 66 is yours. claim it.
i'm going to get some reading done today, did my laundry earlier, look forward to hearing more from you guys. how was singapore airlines???
have a wonderful time,
love from me to you, margaux and mom (the 3 m's).

my name is max. said...

singapore airlines was good. a little cramped in the leg area, but good food and service. watched 3 movies on my little screen -- pursuit of happyness, rocky (the new one) and night at the museum. all were enjoyable. have a great day, will give an update in a day or 2. love from m, m & m!

Shoko said...

yay! you are in tokyo! i hope you have a fabulous time! ben and i sent you a text message photo of the albert hammond jr. concert we went to in san francisco, it was great! i will be talking to you soon...say hi to geech and mom and margaux!

Anonymous said...

bubba max,
talked with your pops last night.... he said that i owe you 10% of the winnings with your call of 66. I told him if you would have left 65 or 64 on your message, i would not have 3 putted the final hole! Oh well, that just cost me 20 or 50 grand..... no big deal.
Glad you and Margaux are having a great time in Tokyo! Say Domo to everyone there for me.
Lots of love to all the "m's" from all the "mc's" here.