26 August 2006

some peektures...for now.

i tried narrowing down the 900 or so pictures that my dad and i took. i thought about breaking them down into categories, like food shots, night shots, family shots, train shots, etc. but that would take a long time and i don't have the patience at the present moment to sort and categorize. anyway, i don't really know if i picked the best of the best, but i think the following selection will do for now. it will at least act as a small visual aid to the written blogs i posted during the trip. for those of you who didn't read about the trip, you'll find them somewhere down below or in the archives...and shame on you for not checking the blog on a daily basis.

waiting for a train in ogikubo.

me and my hero.

trent sandwiched on the train. love the expressions.

this came out blurry. but i like it.

peeking in between the slats, the cooks at honmura-an.

mom grating fresh wasabi.

looking out from the starbucks in shibuya. the exterior was featured in lost in translation.

a cool little toy that comes on top of a soda bottle.

japanese toy doll/figure aka soft core porn.

my, what a nice...mask. love the reflection on the right.

train station conductor dude. the outfits rock.

i'm not bold enough to eat fish eggs, but the colors are amazing.

did this actually happen? karaoke in a private room. a lost in translation moment fulfilled.

a red star for cool.

overflowing sake.

akasaka at night.

this guy rules. he looks like some sort of japanese superhero.

a common sight. japanese girl on her decked out cell phone.

togo shrine in harajuku.

mom waiting for gifts to be wrapped in shinjuku.

dad peeking behind an isetan bag.

presentation is everything. so beautiful.

me at dinner in shibuya.

shoko at dinner, the night before leaving for india.

trent's 40th birthday dinner.

lunch in shinjuku, at the top of a large department store.

a cool looking window display in ginza.

buddhist monk asking for donations in ginza.

the prada building in aoyama. probably the coolest building i've ever seen.

on the bus going to the train station.

me and shoko on the street with my little light up toy.

dinner at kamazen, a neighborhood favorite.


waltwang said...

very cool peektures. especially me singing karaoke. i thought that was a dream. also like trent on the subway,
wedged between jguys. sayonara,

Ty said...

I feel I was turned on to this way too late. Make up for it by posting more cool stuff. I love the pictures. I want fish eggs.

shoko said...

i took that picture of you and geech! i am a genius.