19 August 2006

the real day 3.

so today was the actual day 3 of the trip. the day 3 entry below is actually day 2 and day 1 i managed to skip and for the life of me i can't remember what it was we did that day. oh wait, it's coming to me now: shopping, eating, sweating. sounds about right. well, today it was pretty much the same story. lots of walking, this time through shinjuku. we stopped at the toto store (the master makers of toilets, bathtubs and kitchens...though they're famous for their toilets). it was pretty cool to see some amazing looking toilets, state of the art, with sensors that activate the seats and river noises to cover up any embarassing sounds. if i'm ever rich enough, i might spring for the $3000 toilet.

i picked up a japan league soccer jersey at a great soccer shop and i also got some rad pens from a place called tokyu hands. tokyu hands is 7 levels of everything you can imagine. it's fun -- and exhausting. after the shopping, we headed home to regroup and rest for a bit. then it was off to visit my grandparents. and then off to dinner in shibuya. i normally always carry a powerbar with me but i didn't tonight and i almost paid for it. we were on the train going to dinner and i suddenly felt like i was going to faint and i started sweating and my hands started to shake. i think it was a combination of the heat and humidity and low blood sugar. whatever the case, it wasn't a good feeling. i was panicking and imagining myself on the floor of the train passed out. but i made it to our destination, grabbed a snack at a random kiosk and slowly began to feel better. anyway, that was fun. dinner ended up being great, gorgeous looking dishes, tons of food...a great way to celebrate our good friend trent's 40th birthday!

before i sign off and go to bed, let me just say this: humidity sucks. ok, i feel better. shoko is off to india tomorrow for a month. i have to go upstairs and say goodnight to her. she hasn't been nervous but i think she's feeling some butterflies (naturally) now that the reality of the trip is upon her -- but i think i'm probably more nervous than she is. i'm excited for her, but definitely nervous to see my little sister travel to a far off land by herself. it will be amazing though and an incredible experience. what a lucky girl...

ok, that's it.
sayonara, for now.

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