18 August 2006

day 3.

i'm almost too tired to type, but i'll summon the energy somehow.
today was a full day, lots of walking, shopping and walking some more.
we started out with a trip to harajuku, known for crazy teen fashion and the gwen stefani girls. we walked and shopped and people watched. and i managed to pick up a cool pair of chuck taylor's (yet another pair to add to the ever growing collection). these ones were different though and i assured myself that i could only get them here. so i sprung for `em. after shopping in the dizzying heat, we stopped off for some lunch and resting of the legs. despite the black pepper on my sandwich (who puts pepper on a blt?), the food was good and the cranberry juice ice cold and refreshing.
after lunch, we went on a mini mission to find the bape store. i'm too tired to explain what bape is, you'll just have to google it. we found the store, although it was only ladies stuff. so we walked some more until we were in aoyama, an upscale part of tokyo filled with expensive stores and cool buildings. tucked in a small street we found another bape store. i really only wanted to go to see the architecture and design -- the stuff they sell is way overpriced. it was worth it to see the design of the store though. shoes on conveyor belts...neon lit stairs...
after aoyama, it was a short subway ride into ginza, another trendy part of tokyo. we stopped in a starbucks to re-energize and then set out to visit the sony store. that's pretty much it, though i'm sure that i'm omitting many small details of the day. but, i have most of the moments captured on film (i think). we made it home after a quick bite and now i'm ready for a cold shower and some sleep.

so, with that, i will say goodnight and see you tomorrow.

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