13 May 2008

goodbye paris.

now i know why so many people love it here. i didn't get it at first, but now i do. over the last 3 days, i've seen how pristine and clean paris is, how breathtaking every street and corner can be. it really takes a few days for everything to sink in. i was overwhelmed the first couple of days and my view of the city was jaded. having now explored so many different parts of the city, i've come to realize why people always get that look in their eyes when you mention paris. i can't wait to come back and not be such a tourist; i can't wait to come back when the dollar is stronger and i have a few more bills in my pocket :)

a few random notes followed by a few random pictures...

-it doesn't get dark until around 10:30.
-people sit along the canal every night, eating bread and drinking wine. it's how everyone in the world should be spending their nights.
-being unable to read the menus has made for some interesting food choices. the broccoli, sprouts and bean salad wasn't my favorite.
-it's crazy expensive. the only thing i've bought for myself has been some coca-cola mentos.
-everyone smokes.


poppy xxoo said...

your post title and your happy faces remind of an old tim buckley song. the last line:
"and I wave goodbye to america
and smile hello to the world."
more wonders to come.

Shoko said...

i want to be there! miss you!!