18 May 2008

ciao (hello) from italy.

a quick hello from italy...

...bologna was very cool.
florence is beautiful and charming.
we've been walking a lot, eating a lot and enjoying our time here.
we took a day trip to cinque terre, a group of 5 small villages on the ligurian coast. it was breathtaking. and, the train ride back into florence was just how i pictured italy.

one more day here in florence and then it's off to rome for a couple of days...
ciao (goodbye) for now!


Shoko said...

can i go with you next time?

Anonymous said...

Mazing. prosciutto looks good

Anonymous said...

Glad you and Margaux are having fun. I would like to go when Shoko goes. I KNOW she would be a fun traveling buddy! :))
Did you know that when I lived in Florence, the Arno flooded and went over the top of the Ponte Vecchio? and that it went all the way to the Duomo where the force of the water ripped away several of the bronze plaques that cover the door of Giberti. And I was about 200 yards away that day, then spent most of the next 5 months digging out the biblioteca and many leather shops. Can't wait to go back! Ciao, Uncle Chris
p.s. Beth and I had a rule when we were in the North last summer with Spencer : " a gelato a day keeps the doctor away" Agree?