28 August 2007

oh no.


poppy said...

i entered mo rocca's contest. he asked readers of his blog to rearrange miss south carolina's words (every single one of them) and try to make sense of them. okay then, here's my attempt:

"Uh, I personally believe that we Americans will be able to build up the future for a South Africa or Iraq. I believe our…our U.S. education should help. And some people out there in our nation don’t have the maps and are unable to. They should. And like I believe, uh, that our U.S. education over here should help everywhere, such as in Iraq. And such as in South Africa and the Asian countries. And so the U.S. should do that. Like, Because. So help!"

Margaux said...


Ty said...

the video is painful, the rewrite is brilliant.