25 July 2007

what time is it?

this might have to be added to the collection:

what makes it cool? well, instead of a traditional clock face, the Zihotch resembles a shrunken version of a rotary dial telephone. just dial 117 and the current time is announced through a speaker in the center of the dial. ring up a wrong number, however, and a frighteningly familiar voice from phone calls past drones "we are sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service. please check and call again...." apparently there are other messages should you dial different numbers. you can also program it for wake up calls. and, if you dial 107, you can hear a japanese train call (if you're ever in japan, the sounds and voices from train stations are uniquely cool).

you can buy the watches in japan. or you can get them here for about $52.


Anonymous said...

In the second pic is the watch REAL big or is that the hand of a 5 year old?

poppy said...

let's buy some in japan auntie.