17 July 2007


blackle is the new energy saving google. "blackle.com - saving energy one search at a time." for more info, click here.


Anonymous said...

This is great. www.blackgoogle.co.uk does the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Theres much other more


But i personally prefer Darkoogle.com since their green text on black background are the perfect match.

GreenBoy said...

Dark google is a joke. The horrible logo with the oversaturated green makes my head hurt :(

From all the options I prefer www.greenergle.com just since it gives you 10 alternative ways to save energy and its userfriendly to watch. Search result is colorcoded with very similar colors than in the google and it reminds you of beeing greener everytime you use it.

Loving greenergle.com...I wonder if they would make me a tshirt lol

Anonymous said...

Greenergle ? what makes you think you're better than others ? blackle kick your ass anytime buddy. Your logo is so crap and your color is even more crap. I throw up looking at your site.

greenboy said...

Try darkgoogle mate - if that all neon green result doesnt make you throw up I salute you. lol. Greenergle is not based on the scam that black uses less energy than other but instead its trying to encourage people to start been greerer with its 10 ways... Blackle, Darkle and others are just trying to ride with that lie... Black actually uses 1kw more energy on LCD monitors... which majority of us are using.

Greenergle is movement - state of mind :D A tempt to get people to think greener. I am brainwashed... :D

Design is matter of opinion but hey compare seriously that all green darkgoogle to any others... and then come back giving us that opinionated grap of ours. You talking to wrong person mr.anonymous...

Anonymous said...

Basically Blackle, Darkgoogle, and Greenergle are all scams. having a black screen does NOT save energy, but it can actually consume MORE energy. All these sites are just using the enviornmental upheaval in today's society to make a quick buck. If you want a legit search engine, try regrowgle.com, it has many ways that you can save the enviornment, and the profits earned go directly towards saving our enviornment.

Jason said...

Hi all,

I know this is a bit lame etc etc but I made a basic search page that uses the Google search engine called www.regrowgle.com This was basically for one reason, that some people did the same purely for the purpose of making money - I can honestly say all profits that I generate through AdSense will be used for the purpose of a "Green" project in some way.

Unfortunately I only made about $50 before some bugger hacked in and wiped it all (thanks for your support who ever you were)

Anyway, I now have it back up, but understand it's Shite to look at. Any suggestions or ideas would be great, keeping in mind I'm new to this so the skill level is low.

Before anyone gets stuck into me for what ever reason, I really am only doing this to try and redirect some of the funds which would normally be generated on a "profit only site" into something useful.

No scams, no hidden agenda. Just trying to do something good.

The Jackal said...

There are around 25 different versions of “black google” online. The best one I’ve found is www.cleanblack.com. Cleanblack is the only version that allows you to change the text colors of the google search results. Try it yourself by going to www.cleanblack.com/theme/