12 February 2007

if only...

"Having fun is one of the most important responsibilities when working at Wieden + Kennedy. In Portland, we are fortunate to have an indoor basketball court and workout gym with yoga classes during lunch time. Having fun is a way of finding new energy and inspiration for our client's work. Recently, we began a series of Lunch Box Concerts in the atrium of our building, featuring emerging new musicians, DJ's and bands as well as very established musical talents. The building literally rocks with sound for 30 minutes, making it virtually impossible to conduct any meetings in our headquarters for a short period of time. The "inconvenience" is offset by inspiration and experiencing something new. Being creative is what we do at Wieden + Kennedy, it cannot be achieved by sitting in a quiet office void of outside cultural influences. Inspiration is a fulltime job and we take it seriously."

-John C. Jay

(John C Jay is Executive Creative Director and Partner of Wieden + Kennedy and lives in Portland Oregon. Jay oversees with Dan Wieden, the global creative work from WK offices in Portland, NYC, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Shanghai. He opened the W+K offices in Tokyo (lived in Japan for 6 years) and Shanghai and works in those offices every month. Jay is also founder and Co-Creative Director for W+K Tokyo Lab, the independent music label.)

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