22 January 2007

the show.

had my first photo show last night at The Bar. overall, the night was fun -- low-key, good crowd, good music. i really didn't know what to expect and i was a little nervous having never done this before. i got there early with margaux and neil to set up. i knew going in that it wasn't going to be like a gallery showing. i knew that it would be a night where people would come and have a drink, play games and hopefully glance at some of the pictures. most of the prints i leaned against the wall. i tried to arrange them according to where there was the most light. you definitely lose a little (or a lot) to the darkness of the bar -- detail and color especially. but, they ended up looking good and i was pleased that i had gotten everything in order in such a short amount of time. the prep work was definitely a learning experience. i can only imagine the amount of stress that goes into a true gallery showing...

i ended up selling 4 prints -- 4 more than i honestly thought i would sell. so i guess on that level, the night was a success. i suppose just having people looking at your work is success in and of itself. it was so nice to have people come up and say they liked my work. if it hadn't been for a little persuading from neil and margaux, i never would've done this. i'm so glad i did and can't wait to do it again. next time will be even better and i'll definitely be more prepared... thanks to all those who came out -- for those who didn't, i plan on having more shows, so you better come next time.

by the way, i will try and post the contact sheet that has all the prints that are for sale.

some pictures from last night:

the bar.

sunset & bronson.

margaux at the bar. without her help, the night wouldn't have been a success.

the parentals playing a game of gin before the crowd.

neil and kimmie. thanks for all the help, neil.

everybody seems to be having a good time.

a fan?


Margaux said...

i'm so proud of you... and i can't wait until your next show!

poppy said...

hurray and the picture of the two old people playing cards is one of the most moving you've ever taken. much love

Mike P said...

Congrats! Sounds like you had a great turn out. I am looking forward to your next showing.

Big ups from P!