17 January 2007

hawaii recap.

well, it's back to the real world now. hawaii was a blast, beautiful and fun as always. it was margaux's first time to oahu, so it was really cool to show her around. oahu is definitely the best of both worlds; a mix of the big city with gorgeous beaches and aloha spirit.

the weather was an initial concern as the reports on the web were predicting clouds and rain. but, we got lucky and were blessed with plenty of sunshine. watching parker play in the sony open was fun as always -- it's almost like a social event -- so many friends and family walking together, catching up, having fun. sometimes i wondered if people were really there to socialize rather than watch parker. but no, of course everyone was there to show him love and support. even though he missed the cut by one shot (in very windy conditions), he played really well, fought hard until the end, and showed his signature positive attitude throughout. though he probably wouldn't use it as an excuse, i have to think the many distractions during the week had something to do with his play (constant interviews, hosting tv shows, showing up on the front page of newspapers, etc). i know he would've loved to have made the cut and play well on the weekend, but, if anything, we were all able to spend some quality time together -- something we haven't done in a long time...

a few highlights from the trip:

andy's - the best sandwiches and smoothies in the world (if you ever go, order the smoked ahi melt -- it'll be love at first bite).

lanikai - took margaux to what some consider to be the most beautiful beach in the world.

badges - margaux and i were lucky enough to get "family" badges that allowed us access into the clubhouse and locker room. how cool is that?

kayaking - after living in hawaii for 8 years, this was the first time i ever kayaked. parker and i went out and battled the waves...or rather, the waves battled us. i was knocked off twice, parker once. after initially fearing for my life, i managed to survive, coming away with some brutal coral wounds on the feet and hands (one of my first worries was that parker was injured and how that couldn't happen because he has tournaments coming up! -- thankfully, he only had a few scratches). side note: kristy and margaux with their view from the shore thought parker and i were having a dandy old time falling into the ocean -- they were snapping pictures and yukking it up. little did they know, we (or maybe just me) were scared out of our minds. coral = evil. oh, and we lost the kayak and paddles -- spencer (and chris) had to grab a surfboard and go get them (they had drifted pretty far away).

outrigger canoe club - having drinks and dinner on the beach. perfect.

metzger's - couldn't ask for a nicer place to stay.

reflexology - had my first massage/reflexology session (thanks to parker) with an amazing "healer"...it's too much for me to explain, but i have to say it was one of the best and most amazing things i've ever done (despite the pain).

dolphins - they're the coolest. margaux and i spent a long time just watching them swim. next time we may spring for the $200 swim-with-the-dolphins experience.

barbeque - family, friends, good food, wiffle ball. what could be better?

...a few pictures below. enjoy.

man overboard.

parker coming to the rescue.

now we're both toast. yikes.

p & k watching spencer's basketball game.

at the outrigger.

margaux is a water baby.

the brothers mclachlin. spencer just committed to play volleyball at stanford. he was one of the top, if not the top recruit in the country.

kristy and margaux thankful for parker missing the cut so they could finally just relax and lay out!

mele (on the right) and her daughter maka.

at the outrigger. parker, where's your shirt?

lanikai. the water is sooooo blue.


poppy said...

lovely wrap-up.
add writing to your growing
list of creative talents (but
then, we saw those very same
skills emerging 25 years ago --
give or take a year).
looking forward to hearing
about the trip to sundance
(once you take it of course).
you guys rock,

poppy said...

oh, and this: