06 November 2006

jury duty.

i currently have 47:38 remaining on my internet usage (i paid $5 for 60 minutes). now it's at 47:04 (i know, it took a while to form the previous sentence). jury duty rules. and as i sit here in a room full of strangers, i find myself completely and utterly bored -- and fascinated at the same time. the 'jury duty rules' thing is hogwash by the way. jk as they say. although i suppose it could be worse. i'm at the supposed 'nice' court, where the biggest cases heard are for drunk driving. had i been selected to the other downtown court, i would've been subjected to possible murder trials. yikes, bikes. they told us this morning that we might get lucky and no one will be called and that we'll get out of here by 4:30. that would rule. but somehow, i feel like i'm going to be summoned. we'll just have to wait and see.

ok, gotta go now and see how i can make the clock go faster. by the way, it's 93 degrees outside right now. and it's november 6th. crazy.

42:30 left. ciao.

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waltwang said...

oh swell, i'll probably get, whooops, no stay positive, i'll probably have to settle a squabble over dessert.