28 November 2006


found this site (imagini.net) on joshspear and thought it was worth sharing...it's cool so take the time to do it. and even though it's a UK only thing, it's still interesting enough to find pleasurable...below is a description, taken from joshspear, of what the site is about...

"There are a lot of online gift guides out there that make it easier for you all to (1) find gifts and (2) buy them online so that you don’t have to mess with deadlocked stores during the holiday season. We really like how Imagini works– first, it calculates your VisualDNA by prompting you to choose from various photos within certain categories. For example, it may show you a matrix of photos of different vacations, foods, gadgets, houses; you get the idea. Depending on which choices you make — what your specific VisualDNA looks like — Imagini feeds a results page back to you that is tailored directly to your visual preferences. For Imagini, visual communication trumps textual communication, and the result is a novel gift finding device. Note: the beta version of Imagini only searches for gifts available in the U.K., but it will at the very least drum up some ideas for those of you who live elsewhere."


Margaux said...

so cool. i love it. and you I can buy most of the recommended items. just click on the picture and it will give you a link. cooool.

pops said...

pretty pretty cool. i tried it out on me and it was pretty close. seems like it'd be appropriate for upcoming birthdays in early to mid-december.
your pal and dad,