23 October 2008

one day pt. 2

Wouldn't it be sweet to own one of these one day?

From the Pedlar's website:

"Most of our Smiths clocks and globes, and all of our typewriters, bakelite 'phones and perpetual calendars are expertly restored for us by Paul Follett in Aston Clinton. Paul specialises in restoration and positively overflows with knowledge and passion for the work he does. Everything he restores for us is of the highest possible quality. We're proud to be associated with him. Really good typewriters of this vintage are hard to find. We have a good collection, all restored by an expert and in full working order. Supplied with spare ribbon."

1 comment:

wrecklessgirl said...

typewriters are passionate inventions. you just can't be subtle with them. they are all or nothing, loud, almost-violent (the way you have to smack the keys) statement-making creations.

i love them.