07 June 2008

the hairwash project.

before and after hairwash pics.

click here.


Anonymous said...

Who are we?
Well, we’re incredibly handsome (obviously), we’ve gone 147 days without an accident, and we have the strength of 100 men. And did we mention we’re very, very, handsome?

We are not the guys who do the dancing football player robot you see on Sundays, we don’t do any of the stuff you see on TV when you are watching a game (that’s all done by the Fox Sports Graphics team, the best in the business at in-game production graphics, but an entirely different deal than us.)

We will never do anything with transformers.
Or robots.
Or gladiators.
Or giant football helmets colliding in a shower of sparks.
Or big, 3D chrome letters (unless the head of the network absolutely, positively, forces us to).

We are an in-house creative group that produces all the promos for Fox Sports and FSN (and sometimes we’ll help out sister nets like FCS, Foxsports.Com, etc…).
We’re a group of Creative Directors, Senior Writer/Producers, and EP’s working with an amazing collection of Flame artists, Mac artists, Sound Designers/composers, and editors who staff the bays at our in-house post facilities. We also are lucky enough to work with some of the best artists and shops in the motion graphics and visual effects world.

So check out our work, leave a comment, let us know what you think, what you like, what you don’t like, whatever… just remember we have the strength of 100 men, and we’re not afraid to use it

poppy said...

nice. twice.