26 September 2007

heart heads.

it's been mentioned here before that when it comes to gift giving, margaux is in a class by herself. below is an example of her amazing ability to think outside the box and come up with a truly original present. months in advance she contacted sam millen, a toy designer, and asked if he could make custom figures out of his popular heart head series. he sent her templates which she then passed on to my parents, my sister and her boyfriend and my brother and sister-in-law. they each designed their own figure on paper and then margaux sent the proofs to the toy designer. what you see below is the result.

"asian tourist" by shoko and ben.

"hairy heart head" by mom and dad.

"tie guy/gangsta" by margaux

"om boy" by ahrin and ligaya

*it should also be noted that the boxes, front and back, are pretty awesome. AND, it should also be noted that margaux's other gift was pretty spectacular as well. but that's a whole other post.


Anonymous said...

oh margs

Ty said...

those are fantastic

poppy said...

margaux, you rule! love,