05 June 2007

daft punk is going on my shelf.

it's common knowledge that i love robots (in general). it's also common knowledge that i love toys (designer). it isn't common knowledge, however, that i love daft punk. for those that don't know, daft punk is a band. while i genuinely enjoy their music, i am more obsessed with their attire. they dress up as robots. they wear AMAZING futuristic helmets. if only i had one of my own. for halloween. for every day. it would be perfect. just look at the pictures!


about a year ago, in japan, daft punk kubrick's (mini toys) were released and limited to 3000 pieces. i remember thinking at the time how much i'd like to add them to my collection. look at the pictures at the bottom. it doesn't get much sweeter. but the price was steep. so i showed remarkable restraint.

until today. i stumbled upon them again and it jarred me. something in me told me i had to have them. but they were sold out everywhere. except for...would you believe it? amazon. they had 1 left. (you had to buy this special import cd -- the kubrick's came with it). was this meant to be? oh yeah. my daft punk robots are on their way.


Megansa said...

Oh, I love daft punk and I love this toys! Are you sure that there's no way to buy them anymore? :(

VS Romero said...

Were you ever able to get them? I placed an order for the Alive 2007 with the included Be@rbricks, but, alas, they refunded me and said they've been sold out!