21 April 2007

the green curve.

I've been meaning to post about the BP gas station on the corner of Olympic and Robertson for some time now. If you haven't driven past it, it's not your ordinary gas station. It's eco-friendly in its design and materials and use of water and energy. It looks futuristic, it glows at night -- and it's the the best "gassing" experience you'll ever have (well, i guess that could be debatable). By the way, is "gassing" even a word?

A few highlights:

-The ground is made of recycled glass.
-Hand sanitizing wipes are at the ready.
-The roof/ceiling is solar-paneled.
-The pamphlets that have earth-friendly tips are made of recycled paper and have seeds in them -- so you can actually wet the paper, put it under some soil and watch plants grow.

Click HERE and find out more info. Click the items on the left (Water, Facility, Materials, Lighting). It's fascinating and completely worth your time.

Oh yeah, there's even a "concierge" -- a person who will answer your questions and explain what BP is trying to do... Crazy. I've also heard the bathrooms are really cool. Next time I go, I'll have to go.

So do yourself a favor and get gas from this station. I'm sure more will open in the future. But it's important to support a company like BP. So go get your gas on and enjoy.

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Margaux said...

it was definitely the best "gassing" experience i've ever had!