25 May 2006


ok, so i've been on this japan kick ever since my trip a couple months back. i've been reading all kinds of blogs by foreigners who live there, about their experiences, etc. it's pretty amazing and i've found myself completely engrossed in their stories/daily lives. a few to check out:

(lots of great photography if you search for it)
(written by a canadian woman who married a japanese man, her blog is mainly about the food she cooks)
(a guide to design and pop culture in tokyo)

also, keeping on my japan kick...i've always been fascinated by the stores and cafes in japan, specifically the way they are designed. it's part of what makes tokyo so cool. here are some pictures of the BAPE store in Aoyama (the guy who designed the store, Masamichi Katayama, has a website called Wonderwall which showcases many of his amazing designs www.wonder-wall.com).

and here's an exterior of the Dior store in Ginza -- it lights up at night. when we were driving in a taxi to go to dinner, this was one of the buildings that stood out.

anyway, the number of cool buildings/stores/restaurants are endless. can't wait to go back in august to continue exploring...


Han Yi said...

Cool retail design. I don't know if you've already seen this site, but here's the construction company that worked on that shoe store. They've got a bunch of other nice retail projects too.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the plug....the photos are scattered, but a bunch can be seen via this link:

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