29 November 2007

napkin notebook.

"some of the biggest ideas in the world started as a little sketch on a cocktail napkin. the business plan for southwest airlines. picasso's earliest sketch of guernica. the first sentence in a farewell to arms. all brilliant ideas that started out on a napkin. imagine if they'd had a whole napkin notebook."

via design crush

a diamond is forever.

finally! a stunning diamond necklace for 25 bucks. this is a great
holiday gift for someone who has a sense of humor. click here.

28 November 2007


drop are drinking glasses whose form takes its cues from the process of its function. the inspiration lies in the pioneering high-speed photography of Harold Edgerton, whose pictures of milk drops frozen at the moment of impact, showed us a hidden world that surrounds us everyday.

handblown by a glass master in Italy. each glass is a unique work of art. click here.

potty putter.

thank you lp. and peeps. genius.

click here.

27 November 2007

staple free.

staples are history! you'll never have to run out of them again. the staple free stapler cuts out tiny strips of paper and uses the strips to stitch up to 3 pieces of paper together. environmentally friendly. buy it here.

shelf tree.

marc johns.

click here.

22 November 2007


good music, good food, good people. what could be better?

happy thanksgiving.

14 November 2007

book it.

how cool is this little writer's retreat?

13 November 2007

luggage tag.

tweed kicks.

harris tweed version from japanese brand SiFury.



elevator buttons:

directly translated it's:

- In speed (as in: going / in operation)
- To here (call elevator or such)

ghost octopus.

halloween has come and gone but this octopus with a ghost costume is pretty cool.

buy it here.

05 November 2007


a quick 3 day trip to nyc. a few highlights:

virgin america. awesome.
lunch at jean georges. beautiful food.
lunch at savoy. my favorite.
dinner at back forty.
sufjan stevens performing the "bqe" at the brooklyn academy of music...
...natalie portman sitting behind us.
dinner at soba koh.
walking everywhere.
people watching.
feeling cold.
and the obvious -- spending time with everybody.

a few pictures: