28 September 2006

27 September 2006

26 September 2006

21 September 2006

18 September 2006

15 September 2006

let's hear it for the little people.

look closely.

look closely.

...more brilliance HERE.

14 September 2006

for the new home...

nice clean, white closet.

suspended rest area.

suspended bed.

i just like the color orange.

cubic shelving.

i like the clear ones.


foam headboard.

if your kids bang their heads against it, they'll be fine. btw, the pajamas are kind of freaking me out.

hide your stuff or proudly display it.

ice blue storage.


13 September 2006


have your profile carved out of wood. crazy.
check it out HERE.


nigo being interviewed for a show called 'japanorama' on bbc3 in the uk. check out his pad. view it HERE.

*for those who don't know, nigo is the mastermind behind BAPE, a clothing/shoe line started in tokyo and now insanely huge all over the world. he also partnered with pharrell to launch the BBC (billionaire boys club) and Ice Cream lines.

12 September 2006

11 September 2006

some cool ads...

on the way to the munich airport you'll find this larger than life ad for the world cup.

an ad for a piercing shop in rotterdam.

photos of folgers coffee cut out of vinyl and placed on top of nyc manholes. the vinyl has small cutout holes so the steam can rise through them. giant cups of hot coffee on your way to work...brilliant.

all clubs/bars should use this stamp. very clever. and smart.

an ad for norway's alta bike.

ads in paris for stringfellows strip club.

08 September 2006


this is actually for real. for $1100, it's all yours.

07 September 2006

phone home.

KDDI Penck by Makoto Saito

KDDI Neon by Naoto Fukasawa

Nokia 8800 Sirocco edition


daft punk is playing at my house.

cool robot-esque poster. anything robot-esque is cool in my mind.

05 September 2006

ball chair.

my birthday is in a couple of weeks. hint, hint.

01 September 2006


imagine if you had a treehouse like this. how cool would that be?